Speaking up can be difficult but it helps us do things right. Especially if you see unsafe or inappropriate behaviour. It may feel like too much hassle, or maybe it just doesn’t seem important enough. 

You tell me; is someone having a beer during work hours bad? Is it really a problem using BAM work tools at home on the weekend? Is someone not wearing all their PPE a problem? Is it wrong when someone accepts an expensive gift from a subcontractor? 

Speaking up can feel uncomfortable. You don’t want to cause trouble. It takes courage to speak up. Many of us would prefer to stay in the background, just getting on with our work. It might be easier, but will it change anything for the better? 

Your Safety is My Safety, so speak up if you have safety concerns or see a breach of our Code of Conduct, and help others do the same. Listen when others speak up, and help create a safer, better and more open and collaborative working environment, making BAM better as a whole.


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