Safety always comes first at BAM! It takes priority over everything including planning schedules or profit. In fact, over anything you can imagine. After a hard day's work, we all want to return home safely. That's what we are responsible for together. At any of our sites, while en route and in the office.

A unique moment in BAM's history
On Tuesday 26 June 2018 , BAM is launching one uniform, global safety campaign for all of BAM under the slogan 'Your Safety is My Safety'. A unique moment in BAM's history!

CEO Rob van Wingerden says: 'An incredible amount of work has been done to prepare for this launch of our worldwide safety campaign for all of BAM. We'll be using one uniform 'look and feel' and one uniform slogan to demonstrate that safety is not only a shared responsibility of all BAM employees themselves, but also of our supply chain partners, such as subcontractors, suppliers and clients. In total, some 100,000 people.'

Everybody home safely
'I want all BAM employees to return home safely at the end of the day. This means zero accidents and that can only be achieved through a joint approach,' emphasises Rob. 'That's why we encourage everyone to address one another when we see an unsafe situation, report incidents so that we can learn from them and to actively help in preventing dangerous situations.'

One big bang
'Over the past few months, we have worked tremendously hard preparing for the 'big bang' of the worldwide campaign launch on 26 June. That's an exciting moment which both the Communications Community (creative concept) and the Safety Community (subject matter-related concept), who have been working on this together, are really looking forward to. And of course our Management Board as well. They gave the green light for this worldwide roll-out. Together, we've come up with a powerful campaign that's backed by everyone and that we are proud of,' says Mariëlle Paul, Group Director Communications.

'What can you expect? We will share a special, inspirational film in which BAM employees share their personal message on safety. At the same time, we will launch our refreshed website, the 'one-stop-shop' in all our communications. All OpCos will then receive supporting campaign materials and a special 'safety toolkit', says Mariëlle.

Style Guide and toolkit
Els van Rosse, BAM Infra Communications Team Leader, explains: 'The toolkit is based on our Safety Style Guide that describes exactly how all operating companies can use the logo and slogan. The slogan in English is 'Your Safety is My Safety', but of course this will be translated into the various languages of the other countries, for instance 'Deine Sicherheit ist Meine Sicherheit' in German. We have made sure that the slogan is clear and has the right punch to it in all languages.'

'The Style Guide also describes which fonts and colours to use, and in which combinations to use them,' Els continues. 'Furthermore, the toolkit consists of a PowerPoint format, posters, LMRA cards and the 10 global BAM safety rules. We'll expand this toolkit in the future.'

Continuous dialogue
In order to increase safety awareness, the Safety Taskforce will share real-life safety situations from across BAM Group that we can all learn from. We ask all employees to continue sharing safety situations and learning from them by talking about how unsafe situations could have been improved. Geert van der Linde, Corporate Safety Officer, says: 'It is extremely important that safety is 'front of mind' with everyone, every day. That's why you should make it a fixed item on the agenda in your team meetings and you should not be afraid to confront one another and give each other feedback if you notice any unsafe situations. Take responsibility for both your own safety and that of your colleagues.'

What is the roll-out of the global safety campaign going to look like? A summary is provided below.


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