• Veiligheid persoonlijker maken

    Campagne film, 2019

  • Jouw Veiligheid is Mijn Veiligheid

    Campagne film, 2018


  • Story about cultural differences in relation to safety (NL)

    Frans van den Heuvel,
    Project organizer BAM Infra

  • Story about accidents that can happen in a split second (EN)

    Ricky Rosser,
    Lab technician BAM Nuttal

  • Story about the consequence of experiencing an accident (EN)

    Steve McInnes,
    Regional Safety Advisor BAM Construct UK

  • Story about the danger of getting distracted (EN)

    Sion Richards,
    Fabric Engineer BAM FM

  • Story about mental health in relation to safety (EN)

    Sharon Chambers,
    HR Administrator BAM Construct UK

  • Story about the ‘soft side’ of safety (NL)

    Arie Stempher,
    Safetymanager BAM Infra

  • Story about the importance of wearing eye protection (EN)

    Brian Linning,
    Works manager BAM Nuttal

  • Story about preparation and training concerning safety (DE)

    Stefan Winter,
    Safety Officer BAM W&F